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ANTI - is a prefix that means “oppose to” or “against”. This brand of ANTI is a Trademarked brand and the only one recognized by the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Our brand will not be used in any way that may be offensive to others. It will not be used to make a statement that may be offensive to one’s religion, race, ethnicity, gender, physical or mental condition, sexual orientation, country, or political belief. This brand will only be used to promote any fun and/or
positive aspect of everyday life.

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"Too loving to be alone"

"Everyone, is beautiful to someone"

"Natural strength isn't determined by muscle"

I hear you! I believe you! I'll stand with you and for you!

Harassment is a word that should only be found in a dictionary and never in one’s diary. Regardless of race, religion, body shape or size, no one deserves to be victimized by an unwanted predator. Let’s stand together to Respect, Honor and Protect, all women and put an end to harassment.